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Kindle & Paperback | English| 121 pages | 21,5 x28 cm
Date de publications : 2020


The Western spiritual tradition has a long history dating back to the dawn of humanity. One of the consequences of Christianity was to hide and distort the thousands of years that preceded it. Whether around the Mediterranean basin or in the lands of Europe, rites handed down from generation to generation formed the real basis of this Western tradition. To believe that they were replaced for the better by a new religion is a mistake. The notion of progress does not exist for religious or spiritual systems. Gods and Goddesses are rejected, beaten, and sometimes replaced by new ones. Some disappear for a while and reappear in cycles that initiates have learned to decipher.
Among the fascinating traditions coming from Gaul, today’s France, Druidism and the Celtic mysteries have acquired an essential place that has too often been neglected by the occultists of the 19th century.
Some individuals have had the privilege of open the curtains of mist and receiving messages from the immortal gods.
Characteristic of a land and lineage, these communications are important. The “Book of Nabelkos,” which has been translated into English by Jean-Marie Avril belongs to this story.
This book constituted the doctrinal and prophetic heart of an Order bearing the beautiful name of “Hermetic Order of the Silver Ermine.”
It is a magnificent example that demonstrates the vitality of a pre-Christian tradition still alive today. Its style manifests its roots and the authenticity of the shamanic experience that gave birth to it.

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