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Cover Pagan Anthology 2023 WEB.jpg

Kindle & Paperback | English| 238 pages | 6x9"
Date de publications : 2023


The Western tradition originated hundreds of years ago near the Mediterranean Sea. Famous civilizations such as Sumer, Egypt, Greece, Rome founded who we are today. Sometimes, we forget that their knowledge is still thriving. Archaeology, history, philosophy, and religious studies are among the disciplines helping us to learn about this inheritance.

Keep in mind that paganism didn’t disappear when a political decision forbade the ancestral practices and beliefs, closing the sacred temples. Philosophers and hidden organizations preserved the ancient knowledge, culture, and religious practices. Today scholars, historians, and philosophers are still there as real flame-bearers of the original Mediterranean cultures. And some initiates who inherited genuine lineage share their practices, teachings, and wisdom.

The editors found it essential to publish a yearly pagan anthology with papers coming from the original Western tradition. They are chosen based on their sincerity and accessibility to the reader. We invite you to discover the contents and the fascinating texts that are offered in this anthology.

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