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Specs: Kindle & Paperback | English | 56 pages | 4 x 6 IN
Pub Date: 2014


A real spiritual or initiatic process is based on a constant inner work. It is the reason why a Code of Morals is fundamental.
We must express this moral attitude in our daily lives, family, country, and our relation to the divine.
However, we know that the rules that have been taught to us can be sometimes influenced by various religious, intolerant dogmas. However initiates of the Western Tradition identified a set of moral principles and rules of conduct that is paramount to know and use. Freemasonry was often related to the elaboration of this idea of a Universal Code of Morals. No one can truly say that he is an initiate or a spiritual man (or woman) if he doesn’t apply this teaching in his daily life.
It's been years since the author wanted to update this fundamental teaching found in ancient Masonic and spiritual documents. It was also important to provide this code in a format that can always be easily carried and used frequently. No doubt that this text will become the "Code of Morals" of anyone interested by the Western Tradition.

Book printed on a beautiful ivory paper!

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